Online Advertising in Montreal

Why advertising online

Every business needs advertising. The purpose of advertising is to target potential clients. We build the profile of your ideal client and we input your client information to Facebook’s ad manager to make sure you get quality leads. Here is part of the process we follow. We are your advertising agency in Montreal.

The process

1. Your goals

We set a meeting with you to set your goals: website clicks, follows, leads, sales, likes, etc. Then starting from there we can start working in a precise direction your advertising campaign is gonna look like.

2. Build your ideal client

We build together the profile of the ideal client for your adversiting campaign. What your current customers like, their salary, where they leave, preferences, habits, etc. We build from head to toes your potential client. Then we implemented into Facebook and build a customize audience for your ad campaign.

3. Set your budget

We estimate with you the amount of money that you should invest proportionately with the budget that you have. Sometimes a lot of money is not necessary.

4. Design ad

We make sure your product or services look appealing to your client. We build from scratch the perfect ad: colours, text, images, etc. The visual of your ad campaign is really important. That is what makes the difference between a pro and a beginner.

5. Launch ad

We import the design and the specification of the audience we built into Facebook and we launch it!

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