Lead generation for Renobell

RenoBell is an all-in-one construction company doing home improvement since 2007. They have been trying different marketing agencies giving them high expectations and never delivering what they promised in terms of lead generation. They have only been disappointed with the different agencies in Montreal. They got referred to us by one of our clients and decided to give it a chance. ‍They came to us looking to get more kitchen and bathroom leads. They were looking to get some leads from the Montreal area and Laval area. They had a tight budget to start with the first campaign but we still managed to deliver.

From there we had everything we needed to start a successful campaign. Understanding the need of our client is our strength. We then started to build the different ads and launched the campaign. They had a total of 95 leads in the whole campaign that last 1 month and a half. They were fully booked and they had to hire a sales team that was taking care of doing the estimates for the clients. They have been busy with a lot of work to do for the whole summer with only one campaign. Compared to last summer 2020, their sales have increased of 175%.

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