Social media marketing and Lead generation

Pose Rapide is a mobile tire installer serving the area of Montreal and Laval. They have been in business for 2 years but they have never used social media. (Like many people out there.) They started using Instagram to promote the business and giving their clients a way of sharing their business. They didn’t know how to manage their social media platforms and take the best out of it! They were also trying to use Facebook ads but the results they were getting weren’t the best. They would have a total of 10 clients per week. They had a mechanic doing the mobile tire installs after his 9 to 5 shift and used to make 1 client per night before coming to us. Since they contacted us for summer 2021 tire season, it has been a total success. We have been creating content for their Instagram page 5 times per week and generating over 5 to 6 bookings per night with our Facebook ads. They have been booked every day for the whole summer season of 2021. Our expertise has increased their sales of more than 200% over a period of 2 weeks. For this year, we are planning on having a full-time staff working just to serve everyone for their mobile tire install and they are opening a new garage in Montreal to give a better service to their customers. They are redesigning their whole website with us and we are expecting to be fully booked for the whole winter season of 2021.

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