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Social media management

Courtage Vision is one of our first clients. They contacted us to manage their social media platforms for them. They wanted us to create content and make grow their followers. Since then the page has grown over the bar of 300 in less than a month. They have been more than happy to work with us since our beginnings. Go follow them on Instagram: @courtagevision

Social media management

David dessert’s is trusting us to grow their social media platforms. We are managing their Instagram for them. They have asked us to help them grow more followers and create more content. We have been taking pictures of their products and creating content for their Instagram page. Since then he has grown over 100 followers more. Go follow them on Instagram: @david_desserts

Social media management

Tenorio's restaurant is a new restaurant opening soon in Montreal. They won't have the time to manage their social media to create good content and they wanted us to do it for them. We also will manage their Facebook advertisement. Go check them out : @tenoriosrestaurant.

Social media management

We help Infinity roses Montreal with their content planing, product photography and social media management. We help them get those sells and client to buy their products. They are new in the market. Go check them out : @infinityrosesmontreal

Social media management

Pose rapide Inc. is a new business idea that came to a young man! They are a mobile tire installer. They go to people's house to install their tire. They came to us after hearing about our great work with our other clients and wanted us to manage their social media. He took the full package deal with us. It includes 5 posts per week with daily active presence on social media platforms! You can go take a look at his instagram page at : @pose.rapide

Content Creation

Carlos Ramirez is a Real estate agent in the area of Chateauguay. He came to us for content creation. He did like to post himself on social medias by himself but need it a little help with the content quality. We did bring it to the next level with fresh designs for his social medias platforms.

Logo Design

We designed a new logo for GP mobile car wash. They didn't had a real logo when we started working with them so we took care of that too. You can go check them out on instagram at @gp_mobile_carwash

Logo Design

Our new client was looking for a more modern and circular logo. She had square logo and wasn't happy with it. She decided to contact us for a new design and here is the result!


New logo for the branding of Mr. A new natural line of men care products. They will be launching soon.

New logo design

We designed a new logo for the infinity rose shop in Montreal. They sell infinity rose bears. Go take a look at their instagram account : @infinityrosesmontreal

Billboard Design

These two Real Estate brokers need it a design for their new Billboard. You can find it in Chateauguay, Qc, Canada. Christian Vasquez and Carlos Ramirez.

Business Cards

New business cards for Montoya's cakes and desserts. She was asking for a business card but with a special touch. So we decided to change de dimensions of the card for it to have a new style. She loved it.

Logo Design

We designed Montoya's cakes and dessert logo. They were looking to finalize their logo and make it official so we helped them do the job. Go check them out on Instagram : @montoya_cnd.

Logo Design

This new Nail company needed our help with their new logo. We design it for them. Their company is called: The lights box. We thought about the light in the box for their name. The colour was part of their branding idea.

Sticker Design

Scrunchies Laval came to us for new stickers for their packaging. We helped them with their printing and here are the results. Go check them out on Instagram : @scrunchies_laval.

Sticker design

New stickers for David Desserts. Homemade goodies done by David. You can go check his Instagram account at @david_desserts.

Logo design

We designed a new logo for Scrunchies Laval. It’s a home-based scrunchie company. Go check their Instagram account at: @scrunchies_laval

Logo design

Quaye boutique was doing a rebranding for their company and they needed us for their new logo. They were looking for a luxury type of logo.

Logo Design

We redesigned the logo for Courtage Vision for a special Christmas Edition! Go check them out on Instagram at: @courtagevision

Business Cards

New business cards for David's Dessert MTL. He wanted something simple and modern with the colors of his brand.

Sticker Design

New sticker design for Montoya's cakes and dessert. They need it a simple sticker design to put on her products.

Christian Vasquez

We are taking care of the advertisement for Christian Vasquez. His initial goal is to get to the top of his neighbourhood. We are working to make his name on the top of the real estate agents in Châteauguay. Then we are going for the areas near his main one. Each ad has brought more than 300 clicks to his website. You can go check out his website at the link down below : Christian Vasquez website.

Reno Bell Inc.

They are specialized in home improvement renovations. With their first ad, we brought them a total of 100k in sales in their first week with 27 leads. Since then, they have been hiring a ton of new employees and bringing in big numbers! You can go check their website at the link down below : Reno Bell website.

Pose Rapide Inc.

Pose Rapide Inc. is a mobile tire installer. They go to people's houses or workplace and install their tire for them. They also sell tires online on their e-commerce website. They have been doing this for one year now and have been having good results. They wanted to bring it up to another level. After hearing good comments about us, they decided to contact us and take the full package with us. We will be running two facebook ads for them per month. Making their booking list full every week!

Équipe MK prop courtier immobiliers

They are the real estate team in West Island! They came to us with the goal is getting more leads. They already had a landing page but the problem was that no one was going to visit the page. So we are taking care of sending quality leads to their website through Facebook ads.

GP Mobile Carwash

This idea was brought to life by two young entrepreneurs that thought about the idea of a carwash that comes to the client. Many people don't have the time pass by regular carwash. That is why GP mobile car wash is there for them. They have grown so much in the past 2 years but they want to bring it to the next level and they contacted us to make sure of that. We will be managing their advertisement campaign on Facebook and Google.


Dènz is a young song writer from Montreal. With many different songs and albums, he wants his music to inspire people on different important thoughts. He wants to expand is popularity. We are running an ad campaign for his last EP that just came out. You can go check it out with the link down below : denz music

House on the rock Design

We built a new website for House on the rock design. They are an interior design and window covering company. They were looking for something simple and modern. Go check their website at : www.houseontherockdesign.com

Global Express Transport

Global Express Transport is looking to expand. We are taking care of their online strategy. We first need it to build a new website to get them started online. They were looking for something simple and easy to use for their customers. Go check their website at : www.transportglobalexpress.com

Spray Master Inc.

We are currently building a website for Spray Master! They are a renovation company operating in Montreal and Dominican Republic. They offer all kinds of renovation services : spray painting, interior and exterior renovation and more. Go take a look at it : www.spraymaster.ca

Holy Blast

We are currently building a website for Holy Blast! He is a singer in the christian music world. God touched his hearth with many amazing songs. He wanted to pursue is passion and need it a website to do so. He reached us out and we are building his new website! Everything is still in progress it will be done soon. Stay tuned!

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